Hair care

Now that holi is out of the way am sure you have all taken the precautions with your hair and skin. Lets just go thru it anyways. My kids love to play holi too. I oiled their hair before they stepped out. You have nothing to worry if you chose to use the natural colors. Safer on skin surely. I remember as kids we’d have the colour on the skin for a few days. You still get that in the market. Seriously it can’t be good for you. So here is hoping you used the mild and natural colors.

The real beauty lies in the texture of your hair. How healthy is it? It’s not only about how long it is. Long hair un-kept or not trimmed (All due respect to religious reasons) can’t be termed as healthy. Hair should be free of split ends and that is achieved by regular trims. Oil your hair with either olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil or any home made oil you prefer. Slightly warmed up and applied on your scalp and working your way down to the ends. Apply it about half an hour before shower time. That should do. Of course making time to go to the saloon to have a hair spa once in a way would be good. Even a regular oil massage at the saloon for that matter. I know you must think with a drop of a hat I tell you to go get things done, I do at times yes because you deserve that little me time. And yes this is for all. I would say that the last spa I had done last month was one with Morrocan oils called the Moroccan Oil Spa- Intense Hydratingat Lakme. They really should be treating me to write this. I did love the feel and fragrance it left in my hair. Nothing lasts for more than 2 days surely but it does make the hair feel lovely. That’s not all about hair care, its not just external. It’s all about what you eat and drink as well. A healthy diet is a must for good skin and hair. Am sure many of us have lost a lot of hair over the winter period. There is no magic to stop it but there are precautions we can take. Have we all not at some point got scared to even run a comb thru our hair? Well happens to all. If you do feel the hair fall is terrible do consult a specialist.

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