Curry Classes

Sandhya Oza was born in Bombay, India and have been in the UK since 2000. She have been interested in food well since she can remember. Her first collection of recipes including clippings from newspapers dates back to her school days in the 80’s. Almost every young Indian bride’s easy access is a phone call to their mum, grand mum and their aunts depending on what the palate desires and at what stage of time in life. All it takes is a craving.

Born in Bombay and moved to the south of India later in life exposed her to the beautifully prepared delicacies there. The rich coconut gravy, the chicken curries and the Vegetable dishes are amazing naming a few.

She do enjoy cooking and have done so far for family and friends and have been keen to share the knowledge of Indian cooking with people who are interested to learn and cook for their family and friends. It will surely get you much praise.

Its come to that stage in life for her that She want to share the abundant knowledge of cooking and the desire to teach people Indian cooking and understanding spices in such a way that they will soon be cooking ‘andaaz se’ as in confidently and probably without the need to measure each spice.

Indian cooking is something that can be kept simple and easy, but perceived to be extremely difficult. You can learn a few dishes to the complete art of Indian cooking, entirely up to you and your interest.

So if you would like to learn Indian cooking the simple way with amazing outcome give her a call or drop her an email. Classes are generally in groups of 2 to 4, but they can be tailor made to suit your needs.

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