Sandhya Oza is a certified Image Consultant from the Image Consulting Business Institute. DresSmart is all about helping you work on your inner and outer IMAGE…It is about feeling beautiful from within to conquer your fears and win over your confidence. Trying to reach out to ladies and youngsters of all age groups who are looking to get a little help in dressing up well, helping (ladies/mums/homemakers) them realize that they have to take a few minutes out in the day to concentrate on themselves too.

It is the job of DresSmart to help you realize your beauty if you haven’t already. Lets work together for a more confident you.

For the teens it is all about the hygiene/dressing up smart/being confident…being comfortable with fashion, not being an impulsive shopper, how to shop for clothes and shoes etc. DresSmart also covers basic make up and why it is so important to take care of their skin etc.

One could book in for a session. A personal 1-2-1.

Looking for your style, are you an Expat in Bangalore and looking for Indian clothes and styles that suit you? Don’t know where to start? Shopping in local stores can be a daunting experience; I will help you understand how it works. The daunting experience is explained to make you understand all are only trying to help and things around are busy.

DresSmart also acts as a personal shopper where you will be accompanied on a shopping trip after a brief meeting where requirements will be discussed and nailed down making most of the time booked in for. I also have clients for who I pick up clothes based on their requirements keeping in mind their body shape. You could have a small or big budget to work with and am happy to help.